Albayt Alasil Company (Honey and Olive oil):

Nowadays, all people come back to nature. Honey has been a very important natural food element that our old ancients knew and used for years and years as a food substance and a treatment for many diseases. About 47 beekeepers and 5450 bee condos we have. All are located in Hadramawt, Wadi Dawan, Jardan and Shabwah, in Yemen. They are moved according to rain and flowers seasons.

We supervise and follow all the process steps of Honey production in Yemen. That is because we need to be sure of the quality and storing conditions (honey should not be exposed to heat or light ..) and after that we analyze this honey in the best laboratories to assure that it match all the standard specifications ( Sucrose content, moisture, …etc)

In this Field, we are famous with our products quality and variety.

Company Information:

Founder, Alaa Al Shawi, had a great ambition to provide high quality products of honey and olive oil that can be available to all people in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
We started in 2009 by one selling point in Qatar, now we have about 13 branches in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We produce and sell about (30000) Kg honey per year.

We aim to be a leader in our fields (honey, olive oil, cosmetics) and to expand our business to cover other fields in the future.

Our Vision:

We are looking to enter each home in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf Area by providing the best kinds of honey and olive oil with reasonable prices, high quality products and perfect services.
In addition to providing cosmetics from natural origin that suit all skin types.

Our Mission:

We - in Albayt Alasil - aim to help our clients in living healthier life by providing natural and organic products that help their bodies in protection and treatment of many diseases.

Our Strengths:

We earned our strengths from:

  • Producing and distributing the best honey kinds from different sources ( Yemeni, Turkish, New Zealand and Australian), in addition to all honey products like (Royal Jelly, Bee pollen, Bee venom, Propolis, sweets made of honey,…etc)
  • Importing and distributing natural cosmetics that some are made of honey and its derivatives (organic and natural cosmetics)
  • Our specialization in providing high quality olive oil (hand squeeze)
  • Experienced staff with a highly qualified sales team.
  • Exclusive Agreements with Global companies in the world
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